​Almond Joy
Apple Pie (Made with real apples and our own blend of apple pie spice with a special crust on top and bottom)
 Autumn Harvest (Pumpkin Pie Fudge with a extra blast of Cinnamon)
​ Banana Cream Pie (Made with real bananas with a shortbread crust)
​ Banana Foster's (Made with real bananas)
 Banana Moon Pie
​ Banana Nut (Made with real bananas)
 Birthday Cake
 Black Forest (Chocolate, Oreo's and cherries)
 Black Lagoon (Dark chocolate with sea salt)
 Black Walnut
 Blueberry Cheesecake (Made with real blue berries and graham cracker crust)
​ Butterfinger
 Butter Pecan (Made with Candied Pecans)
 Candy Cane Creme (Peppermint Fudge with Ande's Candy Cane Topping)
 Caramel de' Leche (White Chocolate with Caramel)
​ Cherry Almond
 Chocolate Almond
 Chocolate Bacon (Our special blend of chocolate with real Hickory Smoked Bacon)
 Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt
 Chocolate Cherry (Our special blend of chocolate with jellied cherry candies)
​ Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
 Chocolate LeOrange (Chocolate with candies oranges)
 Chocolate Mint ( Topped with pieces of Ande's mints)
​ Chocolate Mint Brownies (Made with real brownie chunks)
 Chocolate Moon Pie
 Chocolate Pecan
 Chocolate Raspberry (Dark Chocolate with raspberries)
 Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake
 Chocolate Turtle Truffle (Chocolate, Caramel and Pecans)
 Chocolate Walnut
 Chunk-A-Lunk (Made with real chunky peanut butter)
​ Chunky Chocolate (Chocolate, chocolate chunks, peanuts and raisins)
​ Cinnabon
 Coconut Bon Bon
 Coconut Cream Pie (Made with real coconut milk and
shortbread crust)
​ Cookies-N-Cream Cotton Candy
 Cranberry Almond (Made with real cranberries)
​ Dark Cloud (Dark Chocolate with a marshmallow center)
 German Chocolate (Made with our own rich pecan and coconut topping)
​ Gingerbread
 Goo Goo Cluster
 Grandma's Caramel Apple Pie (Made with real apples, caramel and a shortbread crust top and bottom)
​ Hazelnut
​ English Toffee
 Heavenly Hash (Chocolate, chocolate chunks, marshmallow, walnuts)
​ Irish Cream
 Key Lime Pie (Made with real Key Limes and a graham cracker crust)
​ Chocolate Fudge topped with Kit Kat pieces Lemon Chalet
 Lemon Meringue Pie (Made with real Lemons and a graham cracker crust)
​ Licorice
​ Lisa's PBJ  (Made with real peanut butter and raspberry jellied candies)
 Milk Chocolate Fudge topped with M & M chocolates
 Milk Chocolate Fudge with Peanuts and topped with M & M chocolates
 Major League (Chocolate, Caramel and Peanuts)
 Malted Milk Balls
 Maple (Made with real Canadian Maple Syrup)
​ Maple Bacon (Made with real Canadian Maple Syrup and Hickory Smoked Bacon)
 Maple Walnuts (Made with real Canadian Maple Syrup)
 Minnesota Blizzard (White Chocolate, Marshmallows and Wintergreen)
​ Mississippi Mud (Chocolate, Peanuts, Oreo's and Coffee)
 Mocha Espresso (Made with real coffee, white chocolate, dark chocolate and dark chocolate covered espresso bean)
 Mr. Wonderful (Milk chocolate with Maple Chocolate Clusters)
​ Neapolitan (Triple layers: Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry)
​ Nut Goodie
 Peanut Butter (Made with real creamy peanut butter)
 Penuche (With Pecans)
 Polar Paw (White Chocolate, Marshmallows, Caramel and Cashews)
​ Praline
 Pumpkin Pie
​ Raspberry Chocolate Swirl
 Red Velvet Cake
 Reese's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
 Rocky Cove (Dark Chocolate, Pecans and Sea Salt)
 Rocky Road (Chocolate, walnuts and marshmallow)
 Root beer Float 
​ Rum Raisin
 Salted Nut Roll
 Scarecrow (White Chocolate with Caramel Candy Corn)
 Spiced Date Nut (Chocolate, Dates, Coconut, Pecans and special blend of holiday flavors)
​ Spumoni (Triple layered Chocolate, Pistachio and Cherry Almond)
 Strawberry Cheesecake (Made with real strawberries and a graham cracker crust)
 Strawberry Milk Shake
​ Swiss Mud (White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Chunks, Caramel and Pecans)
​ Texas Tornado (Dark Chocolate with Chipotle)
 The King (Triple layers of: Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana)
 Thin Mints
 Tiger (White Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate)
​ Tin Roof (Chocolate, Marshmallow swirl and Chocolate Covered Peanuts)
​ Triple Chocolate Raspberry Swirl (Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Raspberries)
 Tropical Paradise (White Chocolate, Macadamia Nuts, Toasted Coconut, Pineapple with a special blend of banana and coconut flavorings)
​ Tuxedo (White and Dark Chocolate swirled)
 Vanilla (Made with real Vanilla Beans)
​ Vanilla Wasabi (Made with real vanilla beans and wasabi)
 Wolf Candy (Candied Fruits, Pecans and Almond)
​ Worms In The Dirt (Chocolate, Oreo's and Gummy Worms)